Simplifying Business

In Amesto we strive for Simplifying Business, so that our customers can work smarter and become more efficient.

The Amesto Group | Who we are and what we do

The Amesto Group is a Nordic company with over 1,000 employees. Amesto is part of The Spabo Group, owned by the Spandow family in Norway, with an annual turnover of 127 million Euros. Regardless of whether you need a new business management system, new staff, translation work, or help with your accounts, payroll and HR, we can help you. Learn more about our businesses.

The companies we own and invest in span various sectors and services. Our common business philosophy is that we think in terms of flow and continuity and believe that systems and services ought to be coordinated – across business areas and national borders. In Amesto we strive for Simplifying Business, so that our customers can work smarter and become more efficient.  Read more about us


It is important to us that what you see and experience when encountering us correlates with our value of being ‘our true selves’. This is why we have a new design and logo.

We want to be ‘an awesome place to work’. This means that the people working for us should have the sharpest brains and the warmest hearts. If you are a manager at Amesto, then you are hands on with your employees and genuinely focused on ensuring that each and every one is happy. Our advice and solutions are based on insight and are the result of our employees challenging you as a client and posing questions that create value.

Watch the teaser video and get to know ‘the real us’ a little better. We will also be launching our brand new websites during the autumn!

Innovation through questioning

Realising dreams, ambitions and ideas requires energy and someone to question things. Development requires a simple approach to complex issues. The right questions drive us and society forward. Amesto has more than 1,000 employees who create new opportunities every day by asking the right questions. Questions that simplify situations and enable our customers to achieve their goals. Because we are value creators.

Amesto and our customers are where we are today because we asked the right questions and that is what will keep us moving forward in the future. #askmore

You can read more about us and our values here.

Learn more about our Group Companies:

Amesto AccountHouse | outsourcing | accounting | payroll

We provide a complete range of  
Accounting, HR and Payroll Services
across Nordic boarders.

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Amesto Solutions | Business Software Solutions
We provide leading Business Software Solutions related to
Infrastructure, ERP, CRM, HRM and BI. 

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Amesto Top Temp | Recruitment Services

We offer Recruitment and Consultancy Services. Our Head Office
is situated in Norway. We can attract, cultivate and connect you to talent in both local and global markets through our office in London.

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Need help with international expansion? | Amesto Global

Need help with your International Expansion? Our experts
in London can establish and support operational, holding and finance entities anywhere you require in the world. 

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Intrapreneurs in Amesto

In Amesto we have many intrapreneurs who choose to apply
their entrepreneurial genes in an already established organisation.
Get to know our intrapreneurs better!

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Amesto Trust Center

To ensure we deliver technology and services that our customers can trust, we established this Trust Center. The goal is to provide you, our customer, with all of the information you need to make a qualified decision about Amesto as your service provider. The information covers products and services related to SecurityPrivacyTransparencyCompliance and Corporate Social Values (CSV).

Visit Trust Center

Semantix acquires Amesto's translations division

On Friday 2 March 2018, Semantix and Amesto’s translations division officially agreed to join forces. Semantix has signed an agreement to acquire all shares of Amesto Translations Holding AS, including its subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the UK. Together the new combined company will be the market leader in the all Nordic countries.

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The Values of Simplifying

Every day, 150,000 people use one of Amesto's services. We have over 1000 employees in Scandinavia and more than 100's suppliers. We see our companies as part of a sustainable society and we want to be a positive force for change in the communities of which we are a part. We are part of the UN Global Compact and have promised to work for improvements in human rights, labor rights, the environment and corruption.

More about Corporate Social Values