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Amesto er medlem av UN Global Compact


Communication on Progress 2021

Cop 2021

Amesto is a member of the UN Global Compact.

Amesto has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2012. We are committed to prepare and submitt an annual report on progress, also called "Communication on Progress - CoP".

The UN Global Compact's 10 principles provide guidelines for how the company ensures responsible operations within human rights, working life, anti-corruption and the environment. You can read more about our strategic projects, sent to the UN, in the annual report (2021) below.


To be truthful to yourself in everything is hard.

This was the discussion that triggered Amestos’ brand campaign throughout 2021; “Honestly, it´s all about making good choices."

Can we, as a business, go out of our way to say that our goal is to become climate neutral or climate positive, when, by definition, existing as a business or as an individual generates negative carbon footprints? 

UN Sustainability Goals

Amesto is a diverse business, with multiple companies and priorities. We use the UNs’ SDGs as a framework for the projects we work on.

PEOPLE, The PLANET and Profit

Amesto has worked on the social aspect of business for many years. In 2020 the group's owners implemented a 3P bonus model.


Technology and digitisation are no longer optional for businesses if they wish to remain relevant and profitable. The question is not if, but ...