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It's about making good choices.

In Amesto, we believe it’s all about the little things. About making good choices throughout the day. We want to inspire you to ask the right questions. Because it’s not only profit that matters, people and the planet do too. We believe that the smallest things can create the biggest change if you just stop, reflect, and ask yourself: Do I make good choices?

Honestly. It makes a difference who you work with and who you work for. It makes a difference which supplier you choose or the kind of leader you determine to be. It makes a difference that you make tiny, but good choices for the planet, every day. You don’t have to be perfect. The fact that you care matters.

Don't know where to start?

Here is what we have done. Hope it inspires you to make good choices.


Prejudiced algorithms

Honestly. It is time to put AI expertise and diversity higher up on the agenda. We cannot have spent this many years balancing out the inequalities in society, simply to lose it all in a jungle of algorithms?

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How to increase profits and ensure sustainability

Honestly. Is it possible to make money while also ensuring sustainable operations? According to the owner and CEO of Amesto, Arild Spandow, the answer is yes.

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50% women does not make your workplace diverse

Honestly. Perhaps you also think you’ve done enough if half of your management team consists of women? Gender balance is important but it is not enough. Diversity is about seeing the entire person and cultivating differences in an environment with equal conditions. Only then will you be able to see ...

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The tips you need to succeed in sustainable innovation

Honestly. How important is it for all innovation to be sustainable? Innovation is challenging enough even when you don’t need to think about people and the environment at the same time.

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How data is used in the fight for good mental health

In 2019, 650 Norwegians committed suicide. Honestly. That is 650 too many! Many argue in favour of the use of human resources to help those who are experiencing difficulties. But what if we could also use technology to reduce this number?

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