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Amesto Trust Center.

To ensure we deliver technology and services that our customers can trust, we have established this Trust Center. The goal is to provide you, our customer, with all of the information you need to make a qualified decision about Amesto as your service provider. The information covers information related to Security, Privacy and Compliance.


A matter of Trust.

No one wants to work for someone they don't trust, and no one wants to buy from, or work with, someone they don't trust. Not today, and at least not tomorrow. As a leader, you must be honest, create value and reveal who you really are. Because that creates trust, and trust is crucial to profitable growth over time.

We have updated our Data Protection Policy

We have updated our data protection policy to provide you with a better understanding of how we process personal data as data controller. 

For information on how we process personal data on behalf of our customers (data processor), please be referred to the applicable data processor agreement. 


For us, privacy and data protection is an important consideration in building that trust. Amesto have prepared this Privacy Policy to describe our practices regarding the personal information that may be collected.
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Over the years, we have established processes, methods and technologies and embraced proven standards to meet our customers' security, privacy and accessibility needs.
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Amesto promises to always remain compliant with applicable legislation, as well as industry specific standards and requirements.
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Trust Notification

Have you discovered, or are you aware of, a (potential) privacy or security incident? Or do you want to invoke your rights as a data subject? Please submit our online Amesto Trust Notification Form.
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