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Our digital solution ensures an effective process for sustainability work.

We’ve made it easy for businesses to get started with sustainability work.

ALl in one place

A digital solution to get started with sustainability work

Our digital solution helps you to figure out which laws and regulations affect your business.

By measuring, reporting, and advising, the solution will help you to understand how you can convert sustainability data into increased performance.

In addition, our team of professional sustainability experts are at the ready to advise and quality assure throughout the process.


How can we help you?


Åpenhetsloven (Transparency Act) shall promote respect for basic human rights and decent work conditions in manufacturing and service delivery. It shall also secure public access to information.

The act came into force on July 1st, 2022. To many it might be an abrupt transition when Forbrukertilsynet (Consumer Authority) starts to tighten and impose fines if the requirements of the act are not met.

More on Åpenhetsloven (In Norwegian)



Please check the boxes that apply:

You have checked 1 of 3 criteria. That means that the transparency act does not affect your business.

You have checked 2 of 3 criteria. That means that the transparency act affects your business.

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Climate accounting is an overview of the business climate emissions. We can calculate the business climate footprint in two weeks. All you have to do is to send us your accounts, and we’ll do the rest.

Climate accounting might be the sustainability KPI currently in greatest demand on the regulatory side – regardless of industry. For many businesses it will be crucial to turn around and obtain climate accounting to assert themselves in bidding processes, get better terms on business loans, in dialogue with investors and in recruiting.

Unsure if your business needs climate accounting? We can assess your business individually to reveal if there is a need. This is done through a free consultation.

More on climate accounting (in Norwegian)

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A sustainability report is not a legal requirement for small and medium sized businesses, but it has become a hygiene factor in many industries.

The sustainability report offers an overview of the present business situation, relevant sustainability topics, and visualizes the measures needed to improve performance within climate, environment, social and economic conditions.

A sustainability report is therefore the most important management tool available to a leader to systematically approach sustainability work in their business.

We offer sustainability reports that include materiality analysis, sustainability strategies and action plans. Book a start-up meeting with us to find out how we can help you.

More on sustainability reporting (in Norwegian)

Meet our sustainability experts.

Christine 464

Christine Lundberg Larsen

Leader Amesto Footprint

Christine’s core competency is in leadership, sustainable business models, organizational development, innovation, and financial management. She has a passion for sustainable business life, and the past few years she has participated in several national and international networks and projects, focusing on the intersection between sustainability, economics, and finance. She is a trained auditor, and has master’s degrees in management, sustainability, and finance.

After four years as an auditor with PWC, she managed various departments in Gjensidige for 14 years, having operational results responsibility. To many she is mostly known from her time as managing director in the industry organization Regnskap Norge, where she established the circular accounting cluster, and initiated the development of the Norwegian standard for sustainable reporting, NSRS.

Christine has through all her years as a leader focused on developing the people in the organizations and has worked considerably with leadership development. She is experienced in leading strategic processes and contributing to project execution. As a speaker at Athenas she shares her insights with great engagement. She is also a guest lecturer at BI, UNMB and Høgskolen Innlandet.

Co-author on the books:
Innovasjon i praksis (2014) 
Sirkulær økonomi, regnskap og virksomhetsstyring (2023)

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Kave 464X430-1

Kave Jangi

BI developer and systems analyst

Kave’s core competency lies in data analytics, BI development, cloud-based solution design, climate accounting analysis and systems simulations. He works with Norwegian and international organizations to solve advanced strategic challenges related to climate footprint and sustainability, based on the GHG protocol. He has among other things developed the BI solution for Amesto Footprint to create dynamic climate reports.

 In addition he works on various ERP and CRM systems to integrate accounting data in the Footprint project using cloud-based technologies.

Kave has a master’s degree from the University of Bergen, specializing in systems dynamics, mathematical systems simulations, and sustainable development. Prior to moving to Norway he completed a master’s degree from Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) in Tehran in financial engineering. Kave started his studies with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering. He has worked on a wide range of tasks in finance and technology, including as project engineer, project manager, finance analyst, data analyst and BI developer.

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Senior sustainability advisor

Kristin's core competencies lie within strategic corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, sustainable business development, training, and communication. With over 10 years of international experience, she has been involved in corporate social responsibility and sustainability at both strategic and operational levels since the early 2000s. She also has extensive experience in volunteer work and humanitarian efforts.

Kristin holds a Master's degree in International Business from Macquarie University in Australia, with additional education in intercultural understanding and global collaboration (VID), Sustainability Essentials for Business (Cambridge University (CISL)), digitization and digital transformation (NTNU), sustainability as a competitive advantage (BI), cities and the challenges of sustainable development (SDG Academy), and regenerative destination management (GDS Academy). She is certified in the GRI reporting standard.Kristin is passionate about conveying that sustainability is not just a responsibility but an opportunity to effect positive change. She believes that the business sector is a crucial part of the solution to many of the environmental and societal challenges the world faces and is dedicated to making sustainability understandable and relevant to more businesses.She has a particular passion for social entrepreneurship and has founded several award-winning social enterprises herself.Kristin is recognized for her expertise in sustainability within the service and tourism industries. Since 2006, she has been conducting courses and lectures on sustainable tourism development worldwide and serves as a technical advisor for the Global Destination Sustainability Index and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). In recent years, she has developed the course "Sustainability in Practice" for the tourism industry in Oslo and has been involved in the development of "Pioneering Impacts," a national Legacy and Impact program for congress cities in Norway.

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Anders Ødegaard Gammelrud

Senior sustainability advisor

Anders' core competencies lie in environmental and climate issues related to production and operations, circular economy, and sustainable strategy and business operations. He is a pioneering force in environmental certification with over 10 years of experience. His expertise has focused on the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel, where he has achieved success in certifying production companies and services.

He has also distinguished himself as a skilled environmental advisor and team leader, serving satisfied clients both in Norway and the Nordic region.

Anders has a solid academic background - a master's degree in biology with a specialization in toxicology from the University of Oslo. He is passionately interested in exploring how technology and sustainability go hand in hand. For Anders, green transition is more than just a necessity – it's a competitively driven advantage that positions organizations as leaders in the market.

But Anders isn't just focused on driving change alone. He enjoys collaborating and building strong partnerships. He understands that sustainable solutions often require collective effort, and he is ready to lead the way in the journey towards a more sustainable world.

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Christina Torgersen

Sustainability advisor

Christina's core competencies lie in change management, restructuring, organizational development, innovation, and circular economy. With a degree as a BI Business Economist, specializing in management and strategic restructuring, she has excelled as a key figure in change management and sustainable business development. Christina is passionate about innovation, knowledge sharing, and circular economy as powerful drivers for long-term value and growth.

For the past three years, Christina has held the position of Sustainability Manager at IKEA, where she has played a central role in the development and integration of sustainability strategies. Her particular dedication lies in promoting social entrepreneurship and initiatives towards a circular business model. She has also been the mastermind behind the establishment of a digital marketplace for used furniture and an innovative logistics solution for handling used furniture.

In her role as co-founder and former project manager of BISO Impact, she has been a prominent advocate for integrating sustainability into the education sector. A highlight was the planning and execution of the impressive "Inspire to Impact 2020" conference, which brought together over 500 participants. The conference set a clear agenda for sustainable future thinking. 

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