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AI - Amesto Nextbridge

Simplifying Business

Artificial Intelligence for startups as well as large corporations.

Amesto Nextbridge

AI can work wonders for your business.

Are you in need of 1 or 40 experts within the fields of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence? Combine that with more than 600 years of work experience. We can give you the insight you need whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation. And we love sustainability projects. 

Amesto NextBridge in Norway won the Nordic SAS Hackathon 2020. The winning project was designed to interpret the characteristic beehive dance of bees in a way that allows humans to understand it. If AI can work wonders for the bees, imagine what we can do for you?


Our core business is to assist ambitious companies to create valuable insight from data. Our expertise ranges from senior advisors who guide you safely through your first AI project, to the BI consultant who compile your business data and visualise it so that you really understand it, to the Data Scientists who create new insights through analysis of "Unusual" data. 


By implementing Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence you can gain a competitive edge. We can help you with everything from data collection, interpretation and analysis to visual reporting that uncover new business opportunities.

It's our Data Scientists that works the magic.

AI produce unique and disruptive insights, but those insights require some amount of validation. This is where our Data Scientists work their magic. They all have PhDs, with a background in quantitative subjects and work closely with business stakeholders to understand their goals and determine how data can be used to achieve those goals. They design data modeling processes, create algorithms and predictive models to extract the data the business needs, and help analyse the data and share insights with peers.


Posten Norge's distribution centers handles large volumes of parcels, and the number of staff at all times depends on the variations in volumes. These variations can be on an hourly basis, day of the week, season or due to special events such as Black Friday, Christmas shopping, etc. 



During a three-month period, a small team of data scientists worked to improve the prediction models for parcel volume using machine learning. The improvement was significant. The more accurate predictions enabled Posten Norge to adapt staffing to the expected volumes, and the total annual savings are tens of millions. Converted to a return on investment, the ROI is approximately 6000%.


Increase sustainability.

Bees are responsible for pollinating almost 75 % of all plants used for food crops. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the number of bees have dramatically decreased. Check out how we, together with Beefutures, worked on a solution that allows us to reverse this trend.

Aker BioMarine

Harvesting krill by using AI.

Through many trials and errors Aker BioMarine worked hard for many years to perfect the art of harvesting krill in a sustainable way.

- Then they came to us with a hypothesis that we could help them with our insight into machine learning and artificial intelligence. So that’s exactly what we did, says Lars Rinnan, CEO in Amesto NextBridge.

Aker BioMarine are now able to predict krill deposits better than before. The result is a more streamlined operation and reduced fuel consumption, wich means less CO2 emissions from the fleet.


Amesto NextBridge participates in SAS Hackathon 2021. The project, in cooperation with The Cancer Registry of Norway, creates synthetic research data - based on original data, but without revealing sensitive information.
Kvadratisk 466x466 kevin-mueller-ljz8-frLa9Q-unsplash


The fact that data offers great value is not entirely true. Without a good analysis that extracts information from it, data is practically useless. Our experts in Business intelligence can help you make use of data to get information that serves as a solid basis for safer decision making.


Through data visualisation you will be able to see and understand your data better. Data visualisation and dashboard design are both art and science. Our technology partners Microsoft, SAS and Tableau all offer Data Visualization tools. They can be implemented on everything from a single PC to a complex, embedded...

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse is the heart of any Business Intelligence solution. It pulls together data from many different sources into a single data repository for sophisticated analytics and decision support making. We have some of the most experienced consultants in this area, and use a self-developed methodology that has...

AI & Machine Learning

Curious about what AI and BI can do for your business?

Feel free to get in touch. We’re here to help.