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Nordic Payroll Services

Simplifying Business

Payroll Outsourcing Services in the Nordics.

We can assist in managing all your Nordic Payroll needs, ensuring that you are fully compliant and that your payroll is processed accurately and on time. With payroll consultancy teams across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, we offer the entire Nordic market through one single point of contact.

Every hour you spend on payroll is one less hour for you to promote and market your business, serve customers, and drive revenue and growth. Put that time to better use by making the move to outsource your payroll and HR needs. Using our Payroll team leaves out the necessity of operating with four separate partners when operating in the Nordic markets.


  • Input and calculation of base salaries
  • Sending payslips.
  • Paying employees from a client account.
  • Reporting to government.
  • Monthly journals and reports based on your chart of accounts.
  • Assistance in registering employees.

Why Outsourcing?

  • Less dependence on key personnel.
  • Reduce risk and payroll expenses.
  • No worries about technical updates.
  • Tailored and scalable services which can be amended in accordance with company requirements.
  • You can be certain that employees will receive the correct pay on the agreed date.
  • Access to online solutions which improve the efficiency of in-house work flow, as well as communication between us in our capacity as a supplier and you in your capacity as a customer.

Free guide

Before outsourcing you should ask yourself these questions.

The peace of mind that comes with using payroll specialists can be priceless. No headaches, no hassles, no stress, no worries: You’re left to focus on running your business knowing that your payroll obligations are dealt with correctly, efficiently and lawfully.

But before you outsource the payroll functions, you should read this guide.

Connect with us

Need help with Payroll in the Nordic Markets?

Payroll is a heavy load of necessity that does not directly contribute to your organization’s core business of serving its customers. By outsourcing payroll and HR management more time is left over for your core business. You can rest assured that all local regulations, labour agreements and tax legislations are followed. We also have the necessary knowledge in social security contributions, necessary insurances, taxation matters and much more.

As a well established BPO-provider we offer the unique possibility to get equivalent services in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland through the same, local partner. Our services are provided by professional and approachable payroll specialists.

Contact us to see how we can help you determine the right payroll product for your business.