Technology and innovation is a perfect match

Technology + Innovation = A Perfect Match.

At Amesto, we strongly believe that the combination of technology and people has the potential to create unique possibilities to simplify business and protect society from unnecessary carbon footprints. Examples of this include AI solutions to optimise krill fishing and Semine, our advanced accounting bot.

Technology and digitisation are no longer optional for businesses if they wish to remain relevant and profitable. The question is not if, but how. How technology is used is what distinguishes those who have a winning team from those who don’t.

At Amesto, we work to ensure that sustainability becomes part of our DNA. We live by what we refer to as “Innovation on the edge” and we distinguish between these businesses before the solutions are implemented in the basic structure of the company.

"This is how we do it and how we’ve always done it” is a kiss of death when it comes to creative innovation. In order to succeed with technology, you need to be able to make good choices and take a certain amount of risk."

Tips for those wanting to invest in innovation

Not all new ideas succeed. In fact, it is said that as many as nine out of ten start-ups fail, which could be due to the system surrounding the idea rather than the idea itself. Do you have the platform? The geographical presence? The customer base? These are important factors to consider. If you invest in new sustainable solutions, you also need to ensure that the foundationare sustainable.

Arild Spandow, CEO and owner of Amesto Group explaines “It is important that you have or acquire expertise and experience, as well as an understanding of the market you want to enter”. As an example, you could consider whether you free up time and costs by automating back-office functions and administrative tasks, for example through the use of solutions such as Semine.

In order to succeed, you need to stay up to date, be curious and ask questions. You lag if you have not learned anything new in the last week. You need to show an interest in the outside world. Focus on being profitable over time.

Put together a team consisting of different types of people. Diversity will often provide you with creative advantages and enhances innovative strength.  Perhaps it could also be a good idea to look at existing services and products? Could these be optimised? Restructured? Redeveloped? A big part of innovation is gathering thoughts and impressions and identifying opportunities. Maybe this is why nine out of ten intrapreneurs at Amesto succeed.

“Finally, it might also be a good tactical move to apply a small dose of paranoia,” Arild laughs. It keeps you on your toes and strengthens your inherent competitiveness.

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