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We use UN Sustainability Goals.

UN Sustainability Goals.

Amesto is a diverse business, with multiple companies and priorities.  We use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for the projects we work on. You can read more about our strategic projects in our yearly report sent to the UN.

This is a joint work schedule for the 193 member states of the UN that came into force in 2016. The work schedule consists of 17 goals and 169 sub-goals that extend until 2030. We work strategically through our companies to achieve the following goals.

SDGs 3 and 9
Good health and wellbeing & Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Amesto Solutions provides business systems that streamline small and large businesses throughout the Nordic region. We have a shared goal as part of our pro bono project for Doctors Without Borders to create an organisational showcase of how efficiently an NGO can be administered. Our long-term work means the organisation can grow without having to hire more people so that more of the money they raise can be used in the field to save lives.  As part of this project, Amesto Solutions is also working on SDG 9.5: before 2030,we should have managed to upgrade infrastructure and outdated industries to ensure they are sustainable, while increasing efficiency and the use of environmentally friendly technologies.

SDGs 8.3 and 10
Decent work and economic growth & Reduce inequalities
Amesto AccountHouse specialises in outsourcing services. They help everyone from one-man companies to listed companies with their accounting, payroll and HR services.  Amesto AccountHouse provides its services to social entrepreneurs on a pro bono basis through a partnership with Socentral.  A social entrepreneur starts a business based on the fact that they want to resolve a social issue. AccountHouse provides specialist advice and adds value so that the social entrepreneur can succeed.

SDG 10.3
Reduce Inequalities
Top Temp considers it their job to be a door opener for the right person to get the right job. They have therefore found a strategic partner in Charge & Give a job. Together, they work to ensure equal opportunities and reduce inequality in the job market. Inclusion is important in bringing about a proper integration process. Industry has begun to open up to the value of diversity, and more companies are willing to take chances on people who ‘have weird names’. Top Temp is helping to promote the value of diversity and workplace integration.

SDG 8.3
Through its business case, Aprila Bank promotes job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.  Its business concept is based on encouraging the formalisation and growth of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises through simplifying access to financial services.



In Amesto we have many intrapreneurs who choose to apply their entrepreneurial genes in an already established organisation, rather than trying to establish their own business. Get to know our intrapreneurs...


Amesto is an Eco-Lighthouse

Amesto is an eco-lighthouse. Our mission is to ensure that employees are proud to work for a company that is future-oriented and conscious of its environmental responsibilities.


Code of conduct

Amesto’s operations must be run in line with basic attitudes and Code of Conduct of the Group, where the main objective is to develop people and create value.