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Nordic Accounting Services.

We provide a complete range of financial, accounting and reporting services. Among our accounting services are cost accounting, invoicing, VAT accounting and tax returns, budgeting, reports and monthly accounts, annual reports and more. As an independent third party we can manage your accounting processes and external reporting across Nordic jurisdictions. At Amesto we can also help you with Accounting and Financial Reporting Services worldwide through our offices in Amsterdam, London and New York.

Local and Nordic Accounting Services

Our Accountants have many years of experience of dealing with financial accounts with large corporate entities and small businesses in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. We work to ensure your financial operations are managed efficiently and your financial reporting is transparent, up-to-date and accurate.

Financial information needs to be accurate, on time and easily accessed by all parts of your organisation. Cloud based data capture and reporting is a natural and efficient way for us to communicate and collaborate with our clients. Your key financial reports are easily available through our web-based Software.

Local solutions with

Nordic expertise.


What are the benefits of outsourcing accounting and financial services?

Financial Savings
The savings are realized in terms of not paying the part/full-time employees hired for accounting purposes. Hence, by being able to focus on core competencies, the company can streamline operations and reach their goals faster.

Access to Experts
By outsourcing accounting services, you have the access to experienced experts in the field of accounting. They are valuable resources to get the project completed. Furthermore, they are also constantly in the process of getting their skills improved and remain updated with the latest accounting trends in the market.


Contractual Obligation

Third-party service providers face higher liability to the job as compared to the in-house employees hired for the job which makes it less risky to depend on them to get your accounting job done. Also, dealing with contracts and agreements is much easier than going through all the trouble of hiring negotiations, employee management, etc.

Single Point of Contact
Using our Nordic or Global accounting team leaves out the necessity of operating with several separate partners when operating across borders. We will assist you in accounting management through one single contact, and provide you with joint reports for the entire Nordic or international market.

Nordic Payroll

We can assist in managing all your Nordic payroll needs, ensuring that you are fully compliant and that your payroll is processed accurately and on time. Using our Payroll team leaves out the necessity of operating with four separate partners when operating in the Nordic market.
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Global BPO services

Do you want to establish yourself in new markets or grow internationally? Amesto Global offers international BPO services and serves as a ‘one-stop’ service provider in more than 50 countries. Visit our website to read more about how we can help you.
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