Monitoring and protection


15 years of experience

Services designed for Security.

Over the years, we have established processes, methods and technologies and embraced proven standards to meet our customers' security, privacy and accessibility needs. The nature of threats is constantly changing, so security awareness is a natural part of our development process and we constantly strive to be even better.

Physical Protection

For public cloud solutions, we use the vendor’s data centres for storage of information. They run around the clock and ensure operations by protecting against power outage, physical intrusion and network outage. These data centres conform to recognised industry standards of physical security and reliability.

Monitoring and protection

When making our services available to our customers, they are carefully monitored. This includes continuous scanning for vulnerabilities, monitoring of intrusion attempts as well as abuse detection. Denial-of-service (DDoS) attack prevention, frequent penetration testing as well as data analytics.


Incident Reporting

Have you as a customer, employee or supplier of Amesto discovered a security incident? Please complete our security incident reporting form as soon as possible, and return it to
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