We develop services that help our customers comply with national law, as well as industry specific standards and requirements, such as ISO standards and EU directives. Our broad suite of cloud products and services are all built to address security and privacy demands of our customers.

In the months to come we will consecutively provide more information in the Trust Center. For information regarding industry specific compliance, or other details not covered here, please contact the spesific business unit.

Our suppliers must comply with our Code of Conduct

Amestos success depends on a commitment to build trust and a good reputation among customers, suppliers, business partners, bank and insurance connections and public authorities. One of our aims is to have good business management with clear environment and social values.

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Information Security Management System

Amesto is implementing “Secure ISMS”, an information security management system, to achieve compliance with security standards and regulations.

Our Payroll employees are ISO-certified

It is important that our clients are confident that the quality of services provided are of the highest possible standard. As such, all Amesto AccountHouse Payroll employees are therefore ISO-certified and have been found to conform to the Management system standards ISO 9001:2015.

Culture and ethics

In order for the group to enjoy great confidence, it is also important that each individual employee behave in a way that builds confidence in the company. Although each country's laws dictate external constraints for what is "right and wrong", each company must also incorporate its internal rules of conduct adapted to the business.