One of the most innovative companies in Norway

We are proud to say that

Amesto is one of the most innovative companies in Norway.

Innovasjonsmagasinet 2020-21 has presented the list of the 25 Norwegian companies that have been deemed best in class when it comes to innovation. For the first time ever, Amesto is included in the top 25, at number 19. This is huge for us and shows that innovation is about much more than just new products. It is about sustainable business strategies and new reward criteria.

The jury consists of Ragnhild Nilsen, Professor of Innovation, Tor W. Andreassen from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Gunn Ovesen, former CEO of Innovation Norway, Andre Eidskrem, Serial Entrepreneur, Henning Meese, Editor of Computerworld, Truls Berg, Editor of Innomag and Leif Edvinsson, Swedish Global Innovation Expert.

Simplifying Business

For a long time, Amesto has been at the forefront when it comes to innovative technology.  The advanced accounting robot Semine, Aprila Bank which now has 130,000 SME customers using its financing solutions and krill fishing using AI are all good examples of this. We strongly believe that the combination of technology and people has the potential to create unique service concepts to simplify business operations for many. 

“We believe in the combination of proper entrepreneurship and growth strategy,” says Arild Spandow, CEO of Amesto.

Profitability and sustainability are two sides of the same coin

Amesto has been working on the social aspect of business since 2012. The owners of the group have implemented a 3P model based on measuring businesses not only from a financial perspective but also in terms of people and the environment. The triple bottom line means that our managers have to deliver when it comes to People, Planet and Profit.

“We refer to it as Corporate Social Value and we find that it generates pride and meaning in the work we do,” says Ariane Spandow, Head of Corporate Social Value at Amesto.  

If we can do this for the bees, imagine what we can do for you?

Bees are crucial when it comes to our food supply, but they are under global threat. A team from Amesto NextBridge in Norway won the Nordic SAS Hackathon 2020 with a project designed to interpret the characteristic beehive dance of bees in a way that allows humans to understand it.

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How Semine is changing the industry

Semine is the accountant of the future.

“The accounting robot Semine will remove repetitive tasks and provide us with the opportunity to focus our time on insight and analysis. This is something that provides additional value for companies,” says Siri Nilssen, CEO of Amesto AccountHouse.

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People, Planet and Profit

Sustainable Management.

Profitability and sustainability are two sides of the same coin. We wanted to create a reward system that matched our objectives. We wanted to get away from this unilateral focus on financial results and ended up measuring according to three main dimensions – People, Planet, Profit, (triple bottom line), with all dimensions weighted equally over time, says CEO Arild Spandow and Ariane Spandow, Head of Corporate Social Value at Amesto. 

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A fully digitised bank for the SMB market

Aprila keeps the wheels turning.

Why are digital and fast banking services available to private individuals but not to businesses? Per Christian Goller was fed up with cumbersome solutions so, together with Amesto, he launched a fully digitised bank for the SMB market in 2018.

So far, Aprila has launched the financing products Aprila Invoice Sales and Aprila Overdraft. A new payment service is launching soon that is a mixture of Vips and Klarna. The aim is to enable companies to pay anywhere using Aprila.

The video and website is in Norwegian.