Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I sign up to the Amesto Customer Portal

You need to be invited to Amesto Customer Portal in order to sign up. You need to contact a manager who has access to the system to be invited.

When receiving the invitation email, please refer to the training section, where you can find video tutorials that will help you get started.

My invitation email has expired

Your local administrator can re-send the invitation email by going to the users´ section in the admin panel. By clicking on the envelop icon next to the user icon, the system will automatically send a new invitation email to the user.

If you are the administrator in the company, contact Amesto and we will resend the invitation to you.

Can I turn off notification emails?

Not just yet. However, in our roadmap we have planned a functionality whereby users can set up the rules and frequency for notifications themselves.

Check the release notes from time to time, which we will update as soon as this functionality is ready.

How do I enable Two Factor Authentication?

We strongly recommend that you enable 2FA, as this increases security quite a bit. Enabling 2FA is easy. Follow this link.

I cannot remember my password

No worries. Go to the login page, add your email and choose Don't remember the password?

Follow the directions in the email to reset your password.

I have lost my 2FA code generator

When enrolling into 2FA, the system gave you a recovery code for safe keeping.

If you have this code available, log in using your email and password. When being asked for One Time Password, click the link "Use the recovery code". Enter this code to connect a new code generator.

If you do not have this recovery code, contact Amesto. We will then reset your 2FA, so that you can enrol again.

I am having problems logging in

There are a few things you can check:

  • Did you use internet explorer? The portal doesn't support this browser. We recommend using Chrome or Edge. You can download them here:
  • Did you use a bookmark? Try typing "my.amesto.no" in the address bar. (If this helps, remember to update your bookmark)
  • Is there anyone else experiencing problems? Check system status

Here are a few other things you can try:

How can I add my profile picture

You can add a profile picture from the profile setting page.

After having logged in to the system (and selected a company) you can access your profile settings by clicking on your name in the navigation bar (on the top left hand side). By clicking on the gray picture placeholder, you will be able to upload your profile picture.

The picture can be changed by clicking on your picture from the same profile setting page.