Corporate Social Value.

It's good business to think about the triple bottom line. That’s what we believe at Amesto. We prefer to call it Corporate Social Value since we see the value in the job we do and what we bring, both to our company and to the community in which we operate. Corporate Social Value (CSV) creates pride and meaning around the job we do and the company we are building. It is strategically rooted in each individual company in our group. 

We create value for our owners, employees, partners and society. In line with our philosophy concerning the long-term, generational perspective, we want to contribute to projects that offer a social benefit over a longer period of time. We believe patience is the key to achieving goals.

UN Sustainability Goals

Amesto uses the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (STGs) as a framework for the projects we work on. We are a diverse business, with multiple companies and priorities. We work strategically through our companies to achieve the following goals.
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Code of conduct

Amesto’s operations must be run in line with basic attitudes and Code of Conduct of the Group, where the main objective is to develop people and create value.
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In Amesto we have many intrapreneurs who choose to apply their entrepreneurial genes in an already established organisation, rather than trying to establish their own business. Get to know our intrapreneurs better!
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Amesto is an Eco-Lighthouse

Amesto is an eco-lighthouse. Our mission is to ensure that employees are proud to work for a company that is future-oriented and conscious of its environmental responsibilities.
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