Information Security Management System

Amesto is implementing “Secure ISMS”, an information security management system, to achieve compliance with security standards and regulations. Understanding privacy-relevant data and data processing are important and, Amesto - as a large organisation - need to have insight into all aspects to be a trusted partner to customers and vendors.

  - We need to be able to manage our GDPR compliance in an efficient way and will therefore invest time and money in a new information security management system for Amesto, says Bjørn Sandvik, CIO in Amesto Group.

The system will help us understand where the gaps are and where we need to plan for new technology investments. Also, documentation and implementation of processes, education of employees and clear governance are all important steps for becoming GDPR compliant.

Secure ISMS supports all common information security standards and will be an efficient tool for Amesto in becoming compliant with the new comprehensive data protection requirements. It will also be an important tool for managing policies, IT controls, compliance documents, risk information and security tasks.

Bjørn Sandvik, CIO in Amesto Group
Bjørn Sandvik, CIO Amesto Group