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News on Security, Privacy and Compliance.

This page includes selected news articles from our business units related to security, privacy and compliance.

Information Security Management System

Amesto is implementing “Secure ISMS”, an information security management system, to achieve compliance with security standards and regulations. Understanding privacy-relevant data and data processing are important and, Amesto - as a large organisation - need to have insight into all aspects to be a trusted...
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Our payroll employees are iso-certified

Our employees are compliant in accordance with local legislation and norms, and are able to provide the highest quality services. To run a successful business you need to take care of your employees, whether that is one, ten, or 1000 employees.
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Awarded-superforetag 2017

Amesto AccountHouse AB won the prize for In-Country Payroll Team of the Year (best team that handles payroll processing in the country) and also “Global Payroll Manager of the Year - 2017.”
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