The Values of Intrapreneurship

In Amesto we have many intrapreneurs who choose to apply their entrepreneurial genes in an already established organisation, rather than trying to establish their own business. Get to know our intrapreneurs better!

NextBridge - Big Data

Amesto and Nextbridge - Big Data

In 2016 Amesto and NextBridge join forces to establish a new company within the high-end segment of Business Intelligence – Big Data. Its vision is to position itself as the professional reference for the industry. NextBridge is already firmly established in the classic Business Intelligence market.

Our vision is to position ourselves as the professional reference for the industry. Amesto also provides Business Intelligence solutions, but focuses mainly on medium-sized businesses. The new company will be a joint spearhead for also providing these services in the heaviest and most advanced projects in the market. The concepts of NextBridge Analytic include Gamification based on Big Data for the energy industry, tailor-made solutions for SmartCity and Condition Based Monitoring in areas such as transport and infrastructure.

House of Consulting

In 2013 Mari Ann Vassgård enters a new phase of her life and becomes an entrepreneur. Backed by her extensive IT skills and 11 years’ experience in staffing and consultancy, she establishes a network-based consulting company specialising in hiring IT and project management consultants.

As an intrapreneur, she has complete freedom but is still required to do all the administration, sales, marketing and IT work. On 1 September 2014, she gives in to temptation, and House of Consulting becomes an independent Amesto company.

House of Consulting’s business idea is to create Scandinavia’s most attractive network for consulting services. We believe that the right skills are more important than the nature of the consultant’s employment and therefore work our way through the entire market when looking for the right person for our client.

House of Consulting | Amesto



In 2013 an Irish developer and an Australian marketer are surprised at how businesses waste valuable time every week manually re-entering data or importing data due to a lack of integration between various systems. ConnectMyApps is born.

On the side of their day jobs and at the expense of sleep, Luke Buckley and Nathan Bray develop a cloud platform that enables simpler software integration. To ensure faster expansion and better framework conditions for developing the solution, the entrepreneurs enter Amesto in 2014 as intrapreneurs. Today ConnectMyApps is an independent operator with both Norwegian and international clients, such as Sister Jane.

The Apartments Company

In 2013 Ilir Daci sees the contours of an exciting market forming and establishes Norwegian Apartments in Oslo together with Spabo Eiendom. The company grows quickly, but the entrepreneur is unable to exploit its full potential.

In 2014, Daci and Spabo decide to take the plunge and together form the brand The Apartments Company. This enables him to combine his intrapreneurial freedom and expertise with Spabo Eiendom’s professional standing, network and solid financial platform.

Today The Apartments Company has ambitious development plans and more than 150 furnished apartments available for short-term rental in Oslo, focused mainly on the business market.

The Apartments Company

Amesto Global - International expansion

Amesto Global

In 2002 Tarsem Basran has a plan. Basran is an experienced lawyer with a background in asset finance law in London and Tokyo, as well as several years of experience from the TMF Group. Why limit Amesto to deliver only to the Nordic market? Amesto should go global!

Backed by Amesto on sales, marketing, network and finance, Amesto Global was established in January 2013. Today Amesto Global is present in more than 40 countries with a portfolio consisting of major international clients. Amesto Global offers existing products and services to an international market and helps international companies establish their businesses in the Nordic countries.

Amesto Solutions Purchasing

In 2010 a small group of people from various Norwegian purchasing communities have a vision of a digital portal for order and procurement processes. In 2011 they sign an agreement with Amesto to build a stand-alone purchasing portal under Amesto Solutions Purchasing.

In spring 2013 the “Supplier Portal” was launched, providing an access point solution for all EHF messages. The portal enables electronic interaction between public and private purchasers and providers. The functionalities of the solution include sending and receiving item catalogues and orders, processing orders and sending order replies, as well as electronic invoicing. Linking providers and clients in a fully digital process ensures better control and better quality – smart solutions for purchasing and electronic invoicing.

Amesto Solutions Purchasing

Amesto Payroll

Amesto Payroll

In 2008 three senior Amesto AccountHouse economists have just come up with a bright idea. There are no pure payroll clients in Amesto, only in combination with accounting. How about cultivating a separate payroll segment?

Today Amesto is a leading provider of payroll services in the Nordic countries, and Global Payroll and Nordic Payroll have a strong standing in the market. This year purely payroll related services make up 25 % of the turnover in Amesto AccountHouse in the Nordic countries.

The current manager, Åse Moss Hansen, boasts several high-profile clients such as McDonald's, Redd Barna, Groupon, UPS and Michelin.

More about Nordic Payroll and Global Payroll

Property Management

It is the year of 2006. Aberdeen, one of the leading property management companies in the industry, is looking for a more extensive accounting expertise in contract management. Lisbeth Bakken, a vigilant Amesto manager, recognises opportunities, and a new business area is underway.

Today Amesto AccountHouse has its own department for property management with a portfolio consisting of large-scale and professional property operators such as Union Eiendomsforvaltning and DNB Markets. The property team now offers a complete package including financial services, property management and good-quality system solutions such as Fenistra, Amesto Analyze and Visma Business.

Property Management | Amesto

Clockwork Logistic System

Clockwork Logistics | Amesto

It is the year of 1992. Jan Erik Gulbrandsrød works for Norsk Data and is developing a logistics system for Unitor.

In 2009 he finds himself standing in the Amesto offices with a fully developed Clockwork logistics system in his hands, and a burning desire to develop his solution further under Amesto’s roof – as an intrapreneur.

Today the logistics department is one of Amesto’s key intrapreneurs with customers including Helse Nord, all SLL hospitals in Stockholm, Jotron, Siemens and Noreco.