Amesto business shall be conducted in accordance with the Group's basic beliefs, where the main goal is to develop people and create value. Our goal is to get employees to thrive by treating each one individually and with respect.

Social ResponsibilityEthics and Responsibility
Employees are encouraged to develop their skills, and we should strive for career security in the group. Amesto guidelines for social responsibility and ethics expresses the Group's obligations related to the central responsibility issues such as human rights, health, safety and environment and anti-corruption. These are based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO core conventions and the OECD guidelines for multinational companies. Amesto is affiliated with the United Nations Global Compact and is committed in relation to the Global Compact's objectives relating to human rights, environmental management and anti-corruption.

Global Compact
Amesto joined the UN Global Compact in 2012, on the initiative of President Arild Spandow. Support for the Global Compact involves Amesto with more than 8,000 other businesses and organizations worldwide.  We are committed to promoting the Global Compact's ten core principles relating to human and labor rights, environment and anti-corruption.

CEO support
CEO Arild Spandow has supported the Global Compact. In his letter to the Global Compact's CEO Georg Kell in August 2012, Spandow stated that Global Compact's ten principles will provide useful guidance in the preparation of Amesto guidelines for social responsibility.

Reporting to the Global Compact
Adherence to the Global Compact commits the group to an annual status report. Amesto use sustainability and EHS reports to show how the work in these areas are within the Group.

Amesto is constantly working towards a greener life through several initiatives:
Amesto strives to make paper obsolete. Paycheck, time accounting lists, budget and reporting are generally conducted electronically.
We have reduced the need for business travel within the company by offering video and movie systems.

Amesto AccountHouse is one of the first accounting firms in Norway to introduced e-billing. Payroll is ISO-9001 :2008-certified. Towards our clients Amesto Solutions organize webinars to avoid that the customer must travel more than necessary. Amesto Translation is environmentally certified in accordance to ISO 4001.