Amesto is part of The Spabo Group

Amesto's history can be traced back to 1948 when Else Widerøe founded a company that mediated secretarial jobs to foreigners after the Second World War.

In 1980 her son, Thor Spandow took over the company and developed it until it was sold to Adecco in 2001.

The following year Thor and his elder brother Arild established Amesto. Since then Amesto has rapidly expanded, having grown from just 12 employees to over 1,000. Amesto is now global and has an annual turnover of over 1, 1 billion NOK.

The Spandow family has a strong entrepreneurial streak, and each new company is regarded as an exciting new project. Amesto grows both by building up new business areas from scratch and by acquiring and developing existing companies. In the end, it all boils down to value creation and sustainable investments, and the family runs the group with both its head and its heart.

So, what can Amesto do for you today? In a nutshell, we can simplify your everyday life.

We think in terms of flow and continuity and believe that systems and services ought to be coordinated – across business areas and national borders. For this reason we have now co-located all our various specialists under one roof. Regardless of whether you need a new business management system, new staff, translation work, an interpreter or help with your accounts, payroll and HR, you have come to the right place.

Amesto Group:

Amesto AccountHouse
Amesto Solutions
Amesto Global LLP
Amesto Top Temp AS

Facts about Spabo Group 
Amesto Group is a part of Spabogruppen AS, a Norwegian family-owned company. The group has incorporated its operations into three units:

• Spabo (Property development and letting)
• Amesto (Service sector)
• Spabo Kultur (Preserves cultural values)


Corporate Social Values

Working as a responsible company is good business for Amesto. We always strive to find good solutions for contributing to society, whether through vacant premises for intrapreneurs, cooperation with social entrepreneurs, internships for candidates who need them or strategic pro bono projects. Corporate social responsibility should be a natural part of our working day at Amesto. Read more about our corporate social values